Dive into this fantastical new world of Janani A world on the brink of an apocalypse where Gods are only as powerful as the faith of men.
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Delve into the world of fantasy, let your imagination run wild.

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We've exclusively put up the first few pages of Faith of the Nine, Wheels of Janani (Book 1) on this website. Once you start, we guarantee that you'll rush off to buy the book!

Author Bio

Sachin Dev Spinner of Yarns || Epic Fantasy Buff

The 2-Second Elevator version: Writer, Compulsive Addict to Speculative Fiction (Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror – or anything in between!), Reviewer, Manic Tea Drinker.

The Elevator-to-the-Lobby-of-Oscars version: I love creating new worlds, monsters and then heroes to slay them. Habitually pen down these ridiculous stories too. To my immense surprise and happiness, someone’s going to take a chance on me! So ahem, bragging rights to a BOOK full of them, coming out soon...

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A peak

A quick peak into the author's writings! Sachin maintains a well-followed blog, check out his thoughts, opinions, and ramblings right here:
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Faith of the Nine- Book Tour

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Exclusive excerpts: Prologue

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Cover reveal

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Read your Star-Wars book yesterday?

What people are saying about the book

Fantasy - especially Mythological fantasy - has been Sachin's favorite genre for a long time now - and his first book, Faith of the Nine, has been gathering some rave reviews.


Review Book

Here are some readers who highly recommend buying the book!

  • It's great to see such a fantasy genre in an Indian context. It had a mixture of ideas from other books I've read and good elements of creativity on its own.

    - Ananthatejas Raghavan
  • The clash between good and evil is presented in all its complexity in an alternate universe, where humans exist along with the supernatural and the demonic. "Faith of the nine" thus provides tasty fare in classy language, making it a good choice for not just fantasy aficionados, but to others who are curious to know what this genre is all about.

    - Raji, Blogger & Freelance Language Consultant
  • I read 'Faith of the Nine' in three sittings thanks to the enforced house arrest because of rains in Chennai. It was gripping till the end.Though i am not a big reader of books on fantasies or science fiction, your book was different. It showed your vivid imagination and an engaging style of writing. It is bound to appeal to both young and old. i can`t believe that this is your first novel. I am sure the book will get into the Best sellers`s list soon.I am confident that in the not distant future you will become a famous author. i look forward to your next book in the series.

    - R. V. Rajan
  • One heck of a roller coaster ride at the speed of F-22 Raptor Congratulations to Author Sachin Dev on his debut Novel and Truth be told , I received this book as a review copy and was readiy game 'cause of its jaw-dropping cover.

    - Rahul Rai Khatri
  • LOVED the book! When I think about it, yours is the first Indian fantasy I have read that isnt a retelling of the epics. Lovely world with just that whiff of familiarity from the classic Indian mythology stories that you grow up with, perfect magic, rich language where nothing felt forced, brilliantly carved out characters (in somewhat of a first, I dont have a least favorite character), a subtle tip of the hat to some of the classics like Dune (I may have just imagined that one) and a dizzying pace.

    - Sachin
  • Loved the book.....especially Ishaan.....want to know what happens next now.... my heart goes out to poor Ishaan..

    - Jayana
  • Faith of the Nine is perhaps the only epic fantasy I have finished without complaining. There is so much of nail biting suspense, action and magic. Janani is a world that has been built with a lot of thought and you cannot help but get transported to that world that is so similar yet so different from yours.

    - Harini Padmanabhan

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