Faith of the Nine – Book Tour (A Look Back)

Blog Tour [Book blast across 49 blogs!! ]

Faith of the Nine

Hello there people!

Been sometime since I managed to pen something down. I know I know – the pressures of trying to market one’s first book in this crowded market, sigh. Add to that a new job that seems to suck the bloody marrow right out of my tailbone, well, let’s just say, the Wheels of Janani as far as I’m concerned is just rolling downhill.

So hey – the start of this month to celebrate my book release, I signed up with the ultra-organized super duper Debdatta Sahay of b00k r3vi3w Tours to host a book tour/ book blast where I hopped across some 49 blogs yapping my head off about the book, the writing process, the big idea etc.

Yeah. It’s that time of the year.

I would like to wholeheartedly THANK each and every one of you who signed up on this blog tour. I had tons of fun doing this and hopefully all your readers have got introduced to a new book they are intrigued about <wink!>

So here goes – the list of blogs and the stuff I spoke about trying to get you guys hooked onto my book and my series. [Tried to bucket things up so to keep it in order!]