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So been around a month since we launched my first book, Faith of the Nine ( Book One, Wheels of Janani) out in the markets – available online across the Flipkarts and Amazons of the world. And the first few reviews are slowly trickling in…from across the blogosphere and the Internet.

Rahul Rai  rates the book 4 on 5 and compares the reading experience to “One heck of a roller coaster ride at the speed of an F-22 Raptor” !!  Say Wooot. Fist pump moment.

Rahul who pens down brutally honest and heartfelt reviews about the books ( Book reviews from the heart!) he reads actually went on and created posters reflecting quotes from the book and goes on to list his favorite moments and also stresses the need to have a MAP of Janani. ( Something that I am seriously considering adding in a revised version later ! Like one of my old friend has a way of saying, any book that starts with a map, knows where it is going. and so has to be GOOT!)

Read more of the review here : http://goo.gl/6wspQR

Raji, a self proclaimed lover of literature who searches for Magic or Logic in everything about life ( who in reality is an English language specialist working freelance on consulting, education and training programs across India) – is happy to announce that she hit MAGIC with this fantasy novel! and recommends this as a good read to people new to the genre as well!

“The clash between good and evil is presented in all its complexity in an alternate universe, where humans exist along with the supernatural and the demonic. “Faith of the nine” thus provides tasty fare in classy language, making it a good choice for not just fantasy aficionados, but to others who are curious to know what this genre is all about.”

< Allow me a few moments as I do the crazy happy dance routine which I perfected for such moments……>

Read the full review over here: http://goo.gl/FTDUKw

Sachin ( Yup. Another one! We belong to that clan of super meta humans who landed here on Mother Earth eons ago and still roam among you living…) emailed me with this subject line of “WOW! Just WOW!!” – Elated and cautiously curious, I opened it up to read his feedback about Fateh, Ishan, Abhay and the gang.  This is what he says,

“LOVED the book! When I think about it, yours is the first Indian fantasy I have read that isn’t a retelling of the epics. Lovely world with just that whiff of familiarity from the classic Indian mythology stories that you grow up with, perfect magic, rich language where nothing felt forced, brilliantly carved out characters (in somewhat of a first, I don’t have a least favorite character), a subtle tip of the hat to some of the classics like Dune (I may have just imagined that one) and a dizzying pace.” 

< Another break time. A longer one this time. ‘Coz hey this time, I dance and dance, breaking into impromptu routines as well..and then bring the bubblies out…Woohoooo…..!!>

He’s promised to write up a review soon – but this one’s a heartfelt rousing glowing email that he sent out right after he finished the book. Such things go straight to the heart. Just like how we imagined it when we had those glassy eyed dreams about publishing 😀 Ha ha. Thank you so much.

Mr. R V Rajan – acclaimed ad-guru, award-winning rural marketing specialist and hardcore Chennai-vaasi – read my book in three sittings after he was under house-arrest due to the Chennai rains. ( Some silver lining huh?) He is another convert to “fantasy” :) This is what he he had to say about the book :

I read `Faith of the Nine` in three sittings thanks to the enforced house arrest because of rains in Chennai. It was gripping till the end.Though i am not a big reader of books on fantasies or science fiction, your book was different. It showed your vivid imagination and an engaging style of writing. It is bound to appeal to both young and old. i can`t believe that this is your first novel. I am sure the book will get into the Best sellers`s list soon.I am confident that in the not distant future you will become a famous author. i look forward to your next book in the series.”

I will be back – next time hopefully with more reviews in tow. and having mastered a few more wild dance moves of celebration. and bottles of bubbly.  But in the meanwhile, I leave you guys with a message. Consider it a dire warning of things to come 😀

Faith of the Nine