Holiday Cheer & More Reviews !!

spread-holiday-cheerSo its the jolly good season of holidays and good cheer !! Hope all of you had a fantastic Christmas, were loved and pampered to bits with all kinds of gifts and are now looking forward to the dawn of the new year.

I know the question that is bursting at the seams. Why the silence on the blog. Ahem, so having decided to escape humanity and trace back our historical roots, I took off with my wife and friends on a road-trip to the wonderful north Karnataka. More on that in a bit.

For now – the reviews continue to pour in. And good news! One of the best ever reviews came in from crime-lover and writer, Percy Kerry.  “The great imagination, the brilliant characterization and world-building, the multicultural references, the fascinating mix of mystery, horror, supernatural and fantasy make Faith of the Nine an excellent read.” – Read the full review on her blog, crimocopoiea

Fantasy Buff, Akshat Jain puts down his thoughts on Goodreads, hailing Faith as “A fantasy series to come out of India that draws me in the same way like the biggies like GRRM and Sanderson do.” – Quite some high praise there and I yum louving it. Read the full review here. 

With the holidays looming large, I am hoping more guys will be picking up Faith of the Nine – and sitting through their winters, with big steaming mugs of hot chocolate and their favorite munchies, reading up good epic fantasy adventure(s)!!

Here’s to winter. It’s finally here. With Season-6 quite a few months off, may be you should try something closer to home and your heart, huh? < wink wink>